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About the Prize

Through the BioInnovation Institute & Science Prize for Innovation, the editors of Science seek to recognize bold researchers who are asking fundamental questions at the intersection of the life sciences and entrepreneurship. We seek scientists who can show that they have reached across field boundaries with an enthusiasm that has combined outstanding basic science with an eye towards application in the marketplace.

Successful applicants might have made significant advances in producing results that were protected as intellectual property and licensed to a commercial entity – for example, proprietary drugs and biologics, diagnostics, therapeutic interventions, health care information technology, or new solutions to biobased production of fuels, chemicals and foods. We welcome applications from those who take risks to address relevant and exciting questions with creative approaches, even if the outcome may be considered a negative result.

The prize is awarded for outstanding research performed by the applicant and as described in a 1,000-word essay.

Deadline for Submissions: November 1, 2022